These metallic jewelry gold silver and black tattoos are temporary tattoos with the look of real jewels and designs! Made from Eco-Soybean Ink and imported glue these amazing tattoos are Eco-Friendly, non-toxic and waterproof. 

☼ The selected styles are boho chic and hippie inspired. Perfect for your Coachella adventure! or to wear with that cute and sexy bathing-suit this season. Perfect for casual dress or a night on the town. ☼

• 55 tattoos of various sizes and styles
• 4 sheets total
•Gold and Black 

☼ Each tattoo can last anywhere from 3-5 days depending on your daily activities. To remove tattoos DO NOT scrub or rub them as this may cause irritation. Simply use any soap with warm water or baby oil. ☼

To apply:
• Skin must be clean & dry free from lotions or oil.
• Remove clear protective film and place tattoo face down on skin.
• Gently press wet cloth or paper towel against tattoo paper for about 20 seconds.
• Peel off paper backing

Instructions are included for each order

These cute and fun tattoos are non-toxic and, Eco-friendly, although we recommend not using if you have very sensitive skin. ✌☮

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