Baubles & Gems is a fashion jewelry and accessories brand established in the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, CA by a young girl with a dream. She saw the potential of an online boutique that offers high quality products at an affordable price. Using her ambition, love for sparkle and experience in fashion and marketing while keeping her eyes set on a dream, B&G has become and continues to be a growing reality.

We partner directly with handpicked manufacturers which promises the highest level of quality in merchandise and also reduces the retail markup on prices. We cut out the middlemen which allows us to have direct access to production and consumers. Being an online company rather than a brick-and-mortar company, we do away with high expenses. We love giving you the best deal possible!

We are committed to offering the best experience for our clients, starting from the quality of product to the care in packaging right before we ship to you. Your satisfaction is our main drive! We are an online based company, so we love emails with any feedback & suggestions that you may have for us!