A parade of teal colored elephants distinguishes this charming bracelet from all the rest. Its cute design features 5 adorable elephants all embedded with tiny crystals to add sparkle and shine. 4 elephants are teal colored in acrylic inlay. 1 elephant stands alone in a traditional ivory color to add depth and style to this elegant piece.

** What do elephants symbolize **

The elephant is a symbol of strength, longevity, prosperity, and wisdom. In Roman mythology the elephant was the embodiment of wisdom. In India it was an ancient symbol for prosperity and moral strength. In parts of Africa the elephant was as symbol of power and was believed to tend to the needs of humans and animals. No matter the belief, the love for elephant charms are still beloved today. Enjoy this bracelet all year long or give it to a friend or loved one for your own special meaning.


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 Bracelet length: 7 3/4 inches long 

Backing: Toggle

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